Gino d'Artali
contemporary artist

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Italian nomad Autodidact 

Solo exhibitions 1986 - 2012

* Gallery In't Vizier,Nijmegen, NL, Photography
* Butohdance festival "Relations", Photography
    Dance-institute; Amsterdam, NL,
* Gall.Notre Dame des Art, Ubbergen, NL, Photography.
* "Butho and related arts festival",
    3 locations, Bremen, BRD, Photography
* Gall.Het Hermetisch Zwart, Nijmegen, NL, Mixed media
* "Bezielde Kunst" festival
    Nijmegen, NL, Installation
* Gallery Alarm, Beugen, NL, Installation
* Gallery De Natris; Nijmegen, NL, Digital
* Gall. De Verzegelde Tijd Beuningen, NL, Paintings, Sculpture, 
* Galeria Alborde , Cd. Juárez, MX, Photography
* Galeria Zion, Cd. Juaréz, MX, Digital

Solo exhibitions 2015:

* Gallery KrAAN, Hulst, NL, solo exhibition photography and digital drawings i.e. paintings
*2016: group exhibition in the art initiative KrAAn, Hulst, NL

Group exhibitions covering 1986 - 2011:

* Photofestival Museum Het Valkhof Nijmegen, NL, Photography.
* Gall. De Gang De Tuin, Beuningen, NL, Mixed media.
* Gall. De Gang De Tuin, Beuningen, NL, Mixed media
* Gallery Magenta, Nijmegen, NL, Photography
* Gall. Het Hermetisch Zwart Nijmegen, NL, Graphic
* City-gall. Raehnitsgasse Dresden, BRD, Installation.
* Gall. Adlergasse Dresden, BRD, Installation.
* Gall.De verzegelde tijd Beuningen, NL, Digital and installation.
* Museo de Arte e Historia Cd. Juárez, MX, Digital
* Museo de Arte e Historia Cd. Juárez, MX, Digital
* “Photo Septiembre 2000"
    Bridgecenter of Contempoary Art, El Paso, USA, Photography
* Museo de Arte e Historia Cd. Juárez, MX, "Cercano Legano“, Digital
* Graphic arts show - Atelier Luc De Backer, Antwerp, B, Digital
* Graphic arts - Atelier Luc De Backer, Antwerp, B
* Group-exhibition with Mamta Herland (India/Norway) and Jsun van Tatenhove (USA) - Atelier Luc De Backer, Antwerp, B
* Gallery Alarm, Beugen, NL, Object

Organizer/Curator covering 1990 - 2009:

* 1990 Organizer of the "Butoh Gendai Arts Festival",
    Paris (F) Hannover (D) Berlin (D) Nijmegen (NL)
* 1993 Curator of gallery Het Hermetisch Zwart Nijmegen, NL,
    Untill 1995
* 1994 Curator of Gallery De Verzegelde Tijd Beuningen, NL, untill
1994 Organizer "Dresdener Multi Media Festival" Nijmegen NL
     with 30 participating artists from Dresden, BRD.
1996 Supervisor/teacher Workshop The Little Prince, Refugee
    Camp, Nijmegen, NL, Untill 1998
1997 Organizer “Flags not Flags” sculptural project (4 Dutch
    sculptors presented in open air), Nijmegen, NL
2001  “Cercano legano – Aus der Ferne nah” a German-Mexican
    exchange programm involving 9 artists, Cd. Juarez, MX -
    Dresden, BRD
* 2001/10 “FacingFaces” a nomadic-organic international touring art
    and poetry event aimed at creating awareness concerning
    violence towards women and children, Mexico, Usa, Canada,
* 2006 Curator of D.I.S.A. (Direct Individual Support Action)
    "Symphonia de Amor" Ecuador, touring art and poetry event aimed at creating awareness concerning child labor.
* 2005-06 Curator of gallery ARTNOW.BE Antwerp (B)
* 2009  Curator/organizer of "Pro Patria <The borders of
    integration>" with participation of 18 international, national and

    immigrant artists and 4 writers/poets, Antwerp, B.
*2010: Decision to stop as a curator and organiser.
*2011: Founder of the online artmagazine ARTTODAY.BE, publisher, chief editor and critic. It was succesfully lauched March 2012 and ended March 2015.
*Since October 2012 poet.
2015: organiser of the poetry event 'Dak zonder pannen' as part of the 'Tuin der Poëten' in Antwerp (B)
*2015-16: writer of the in-depth book "LIFE IS A BITCH" on the EU crisis concerning refugees. For fieldwork I went to 6 hotspots in 5 countries.


*Prins Bernhard Cultureel Fonds (NL)
Koning Boudewijn Stichting (B)

I was born in Italy and traveled to and lived/worked in: Greece, Palestina, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, France, Spain, UK, Japan, Belgium, Germany (DDR & BRD), Mexico, Ecuador, USA, Canada, Philippines. To be continued...


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