The nomadic journeys of a E.U. refugee. (2015-2016)

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Chapter 6:
Final epilogue March 2016.

Chapter 5:
Berlin, December 2nd. – December 12th. 2015.

Chapter 4: Greece November 29th. – December 1st. 2015.

Chapter 3: The Netherlands: a country with a split personality i.e. Kavka at its best Nov. 2015.

Update Calais (FR), 'The jungle' and more. Nov, 2015.

Epilogue #1:
August 20th. and October 18th. 2015 "Losing control".

Chapter 2: France - Calais: August 9th. – August 15th. 2015: “The eye of the storm.”

Chapter 1: Italy,Rome:
June 23rd July 4th. 2015: "Dead season."

Gino d'Artali:
Auto biography - the early years.


Image: unknown artist


From January 2014 ‘till August 2015 I was the self-proclaimed street poet of Antwerp (B) driven to denounce the social injustice and believe me, Antwerp may be a paradise for tourists but far from for the majority of its inhabitants. In August 2015 I felt the time had come to step down as the street poet and that somebody else should take over that torch.
Still, what was I to do next? Of course I’m a poet in general so no problem there but I simply can’t stand social injustice if not to say that I hate it. So the choice was easily made because tens of thousands of refugees were washing ashore, dead or alive, at the beaches of Italy and Greece and given the fact that the commercial media was only interested in reaching deadlines and like vultures hunted for hypes, drama and scoops I decided to give the refugees the attention they need in my own way: by visiting different hotspots in the E.U. and writing about my encounters with them and my experiences.

Now people may say that I’m running after the facts but hey, to start with I’m not a bloody journalist and secondly I feel that the story of the refugees and the wrong doings they have to undergo should be told the way it really is. Ok, I admit, I’m not completely objective but as a counterweight to the vultures it should do.

One more thing: the title “Life is a bitch!” is based on the time I worked at a refugee camp in the Netherlands (1997-1999) and with and for children.

Also please keep in mind that now I only published chapter 1 & 2 and there will be more to come. But at present it's obvious that the E.U. has become a total flashpoint so again and again I'll need to decide where my next journey will take me so please come back again and again. Thank you.

Gino d'Artali

P.S. Nobody is perfect so a proofreader would be more than welcome! Please contact me. Thank you in advance.

Gino d'Artali [ 2015 ]